About Us

Our Mission

Potty Shih Tzu Pups have four grown kids, Robert, Jane, Jennifer and Brad. They are all out of the house and on their own now. We also had the pleasure of raising 3 foster children, of which we are very proud of as well. Everyone of our children have made us proud of what they have accomplished .We have had the pleasure of meeting all walks of life and have had many long and educating conversations at our Cafeí. Last but not least, we all so enjoy our cottage on the River. This is where we sit and relax and watch our dogs playing and running around safely. There is nothing like a burnt marshmallow, sitting a round a campfire after a long day, with your pup on your lap.

We have a spacious well kept kennel for our dogs to keep them happy.
And now let me tell you a little about me. I am an expert at getting to know what my dogs needs. As a matter of fact, I abhor the label ìexpert.î I am a trainer of dogs or a master at dog philosophy. I am a dog owner and I have had dogs all my life. They have been and always will be my ìbest friendsî and companions. They lift my spirits when I am down and brighten my day. They have taught me the true meaning of acceptance and unconditional love and through them I have learned that we are intimate with nature and not separate from nature. These are wonderful lessons and gifts. One of the first things we do when we have gotten a new dog or puppy into the household is to start touching it. I mean we give the dogs morning massages, rub their ears, hold onto their paws, and even give them tugs on their tails. They get their fur brushed and periodic baths. In addition to getting cleaned and massaged, etc., the purpose is to get the dogs used to being handled a lot. When our God kids eventually come over, they like to handle and touch the dogs. If a puppy wants to bite he gets a gentle tweak on the nose, but the main ingredient is lots of attention, all loving.